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'Find that creative outlet and you will feel better' | Made in SA

Weaving together creativity and color.

SAN ANTONIO — There's no lack of color of at MPWovenn

"There is a variety of color out there now in yarn and cotton rope," owner Mindy Pantuso said.

That variety drives the creative mind of the owner, Mindy Pantuso. 

Credit: KENS 5

"Adding texture and color to your space is something people are wanting," Pantuso said. 

Pantuso picked up weaving and macramé after the birth of her second child.  

"I dealt with postpartum depression with my first child, and I knew that being a stay at home mom I just didn't want to get into that world again of being depressed, so I needed a creative outlet," Pantuso said. 

Through online examples and lessons, she taught herself the craft.

"I'm a creative person and I just like to work with my hands, so when I'm weaving, I just kind of get lost in the world of just let the materials do what they do on the weaving loom and I can create beautiful art doing them," Pantuso said. 

Her fiber art catching the attention of her family and friends. 

"It did turn into a business, but it doesn't have to be a business it could just be making something for yourself," Pantuso said. 

MPWovenn evolving from wall hangings to fiber jewelry, key chains and even plant hangers.

A form of alternative therapy that Pantuso says anyone can use.

"Pick up a pen, pick up a paintbrush or get a weaving kit at a craft store or just whatever you think even if you are not good at it and you don't have to do it to sell it," Pantuso said. "Just do it for yourself and find that creative outlet and you will feel better."