Yarn Pack for Weaving


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Mpwovenn's weaving yarn pack is great for weavers from beginner to advanced. The yarn is selected to create a style that compliments the colors when used all together.
The yarn/fiber is measured out to be used to make more than one woven wall hanging using mpwovenn's weaving loom and round weaving loom. 

+Total yarn pack weight is 4.0 oz.
+Yarn pack includes 6 skeins of yarn and 1 faux leather fabric/ribbon.
+Colors are neutral, light grey, navy, blue, brown and yellow. 
+Fibers are wool, cotton and blended fibers/fabric.
+All yarn/fiber is measured to allow user to create more than one woven wall hanging when using mpwovenn's weaving loom or mpwovenn's round weaving loom.
+Please allow some variation when it comes to the color of materials I use you see on your screen.